Staff from Fifty fifty initiative for Development on 2nd march 2024 travelled to Kparigu and Boamasa communities in the West Mamprusi municipality to handover two (2) water pump machines and water holes to the FBOs in support to their dry season vegetable farming. This is intended to ease their difficulty in watering their crops and improve their yields. Upon several engagement with the FBOs in the area a number of problems were shared and one of such was lack of machines to support them water their farms since their farms are large and it is for this reason fifty fifty initiative for development acquired two machines as a support to the FBOs in Kparigu and Boamasa communities. After the  donations to those communities to improve the irrigation systems on their farms, the farmers were very grateful and assured the organization that they will keep proper care of the machines and due to this, the FBOs set up a constitution to govern the usage of the machines.

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