The Fifty Fifty Initiative (FFI) is a non-profit organization established in 2009 with the goal of enhancing the wellbeing of all persons irrespective of their sexual orientation or socio-economic and political background. FFI is a gender-focused organization which is manifested in its programmes and organizational set-up as below:
a) Interventions are focused on addressing issues that affects vulnerable population especially women and girls.
b) Women constituent majority of the board members.
c) Priority is given to qualified women in the recruitment of staff
d) The Programme Director or Deputy Programme Director must be a woman.
e) Majority of the beneficiaries of the organisation are women.
FFI is legally registered and licenced to operate as a local/national non-profit entity under the statutes of the republic of Ghana. The organization operates in the Northern and North-East regions of the Ghana.



To champion gender mainstreaming and equal representation of men and women in public life through education, skills development, research and policy advocacy in Ghana.



We envision a society where men and women have equal access and opportunities to power and resources



Participation of Women

We cherish and value the views and participation of women and girls in all our programmes.

Women Leadership

We value the leadership of women and strive to ensure that more women occupy leadership roles in the organization.

Transparency & Accountability

We account to beneficiaries our stewardship and expect beneficiaries and stakeholders to reciprocate.

Community-ledt Initiatives

We believe in supporting communities to drive their development needs and priorities

Gender Mainstreaming

We consider the needs and aspirations of women and men in all aspect of work and organizational set-up.

Sharing and learning

We are a learning organization and believe in sharing and learning within and outside the organization.

Equal Opportunities

We create level playing field for all persons and take affirmative actions to bridge socio-economic and political inequities and injustices.

Hard work and Innovation

We value and reward hard work and innovation